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Testimonials From Tennessee Real Estate Clients


Dear Ashley and Janine,

My sincere thanks to the both of you and Woody for the expert care and advice extended to me as I searched for a new home. There was never a doubt that you had my best interest at heart every step of the way. I wish you all the very best.

John & Deb Oliver

Janine, Ashley, and Dan:

My wife and I spent most of our lives in Florida. After our retirement and several visits to family in the Tri-Cities area, we decided to move. We found your ad in a local magazine and placed a call after returning to Florida. Your agency worked with us during the entire home search and buying process. The knowledge, experience, and patience displayed by all representatives of A Buyers Best Choice Realty was outstanding. Your agency played a big part to make the relocation and home buying experience a smooth and pleasant process.

Barb & Scott

We've been meaning for weeks to write this letter, both to thank you for all the time and care you devoted to our house-hunting, and to offer you another "testimonial" for your website. As we continue to get settled, we love our new home more and more! We feel so fortunate to have found your agency. We knew our search for a home would have to be quick, but we had no idea that it could still be as enjoyable as it was. Your charming company, your wealth of information, your long experience with the area and the process, your efficiency in having things prepared for us so that we could swoop in at the last minute and find a house in less than five days -- your not kidding when you call yourselves the buyer's best choice! Every step of the way, you answered our many first-time-buyer questions, often including things we didn't think to ask but needed to know. Ashley was so patient and thorough in guiding us through the unfamiliar territory of real estate contracts. And all of you made us feel so welcome in our new home town. From start to finish, your professionalism proved we were valued clients, but your care and personal attention made us friends as well.


Dear Ashley,

"...I am so thankful for all your help over and above the call of duty. You know I needed all the help I could get! I will certainly be recommending A Buyer's Best Choice. It is so nice to come 'home' every day. I feel like I am starting to put down roots even though I am far from settled and unpacked - but - one step at a time..."

Charles Carver
Senior Microbiologist
Eastman Research Division

I would like to personally recommend A Buyer's Best Choice Realty for the Eastman Relocation vendors list in the Kingsport area. Our experience with this realty company and its representatives, Janine and Ashley Wilson, has been nothing short of outstanding.

They are a "buyers only" agency in that they never represent sellers and therefore don't have any motivation to push particular properties on buyers or to sell a particular property. Their level of service is impeccable. Their flexibility and ability to do business remotely over the internet, by email and by phone has made the whole home buying process a very positive (even enjoyable) experience for us... even from 950 miles away. Janine is a wealth of knowledge for anyone new to the area, and she has provided a great deal of insight into the neighborhoods, home histories, potential red flags, and other very useful information that can only be attained by years of experience and attention to detail. Ashley has been an absolute pleasure to work with as well; a true professional.

I hope that this information will enable other relocating employees to have the same positive home buying experience that we have enjoyed in working with the Wilsons.

CJ and Hawk S

Dear Janine,

This letter is to say 'thank you' to you and Ashley for enabling us to find and purchase our new home in Johnson City. As you know, the process was lengthy , but we always knew it would be fruitful.

We especially want you to know how much we appreciated all of the hard work and attention we received from Ashley. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the Johnson City area and real estate principles, and he happily shared his knowledge with us. He was always punctual, kept his word, and we knew he could be counted on to do exactly what he told us he would do. As you know, finding these attributes in the workforce today is rare, especially when combined with integrity and honesty.

When going through the final "buying process," it was enlightening and comforting to know that Ashley and you were overseeing all of the numerous bids, forms, offers, addenda, and other legal ministrations. It was then that it became very evident that working with a reputable agency is paramount! We wish we could tell everyone in the Johnson City area how important it is to work not only with a buyer's only agency, but your agency.

Thank you for all you and Ashley have done for us; we appreciate it so much!

Jack Phillips


Dianne and I want to thank you for the service you provided us in our home search. We wanted a buyer's agent, and we really got one! You went above and beyond the call of duty. Your patience is amazing, and your knowledge of the local market, as well as the legalities and procedures involved in a home purchase, is truly encyclopedic. As if that weren't enough, you offered us advice after we had moved in and wanted to do some re-modeling. Again, your advice was sound and eased our burden. You treated us like family, and we will always consider you a friend.

Dr. K and Dr. E.

We can't believe how patient you were ...... I know we looked at over a hundred homes in about 3 and a half weeks! Did you ever think we'd make up our minds? But we love the house, our home now! We expect to be here a long time. We didn't know about Exclusive buyer agents before we were recruited to Johnson City, but as you know, we have referred other people to A Buyer's Best Choice, and would never buy again without an EBA!

(We are "from" several states, having moved around a lot while we were going through our medical and residency training programs)

M & T (Transferred from Georgia)

We learned about A Buyer's Best Choice from another Exclusive Buyer Agency in Knoxville. Janine Wilson was extremely thorough in our home search, and she suggested testing radon levels in the house. The testing indicated that the radon levels were a little over the EPA guidelines. The builder offered to put in a mitigation system, but he was so helpful and extremely nice to work with, so we split the cost with him. We would use A Buyer's Best Choice again, as well as refer others to them. Janine provided us with valuable information regarding the Johnson City/Jonesborough area (i.e. schools, churches, recreation, etc.) She was extremely knowledgeable, which made our decision easier!

Bob & Carolina Carter (retired here from California)

We learned about A Buyer'soice Realty on the Internet. We were not familiar with Exclusive Buyer Agency until this last purchase. While we don't plan to move again, as we moved into our dream home on the lake for retirement, we would use them again if we had to move. (We have already recommended ABBC Realty to someone else!) Janine was GR-R-R-R-REAT........ we wouldn't change a thing about our experience!

B & C (retired from Georgia)

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed the Newcomer Open House, meeting other people who have retired or relocated here. And the dinner food was delicious! I don't think you expected to "open" your home as late as you did! Most of all, thanks for your friendship once we moved here. We'll never know how we got to be so lucky as to get hooked up with a Real Estate lady as dedicated as you, Janine...... especially one who is willing to be friends with folks who "yo-yo" you for 2 years running! I would probably have changed my phone number after I got rid of us! We love it here!

Dr. and Mrs. W. (we moved around a great deal during our training years)

The medical practice that recruited me is how we learned about EBA's. We would change nothing about our experience with Exclusive Buyer Agency and A Buyer's Best Choice Realty. And we would both call on ABBC Realty for ourselves in the future and have already referred our friends to ABBC Realty as well.

T & F (retired here from Denver, California, and other states via Chattanooga)

It was really one of the luckiest days of our life when 'T' said, "I wonder what an EXCLUSIVE Buyer Agent Does? I think I'll call this lady and find out." What we found was a superior Real Estate representative who is also a genuinely nice person with a lovely family!!! And we thank you for inviting us to the Newcomer Open House. The party was just terrific! The food was great and it was so nice to talk to other 'newcomers' and compare notes on restaurants tried, experience in the area, etc. Thanks again!

Dr. M & Dr. M (Chose Job opportunities in JC and Kingsport from SC)

We learned about A Buyer's Best Choice Realty from a former client who was happy with their experience. We were familiar with Exclusive Buyer Agency, since one of our parents is a Realtor in another state. We liked our experience so well that we bought a second (vacation/lake) home from A Buyer's Best Choice a year ago!

The H & S families

Entire family moved here from Arkansas, buying 2 homes at the same time.... great-grandparents to retire, grandmother to teach, adult children and grandchild to raise a fourth generation here in the oldest town in Tennessee....... Jonesborough.

A truly unique and great adventure......... this would be an understatement of my first experience with Janine Wilson of A Buyer's Best Choice Realty. My family and I recently mad a big life change. We moved from Arkansas (our home of 31 years) to East Tennessee. Why? We liked the way it looked on the Internet! Seriously, we were somewhat more practical in our thinking. Enter Janine who came highly recommended. We targeted a week in May for the first leg of our journey........ finding two houses within seven days. Janine proved not only to be our Broker, but a friend, cohort, tour guide, and guardian angel.... what a job description. She spent untold hours with us. her tireless enthusiasm and endless endurance became addictive. We were on a quest! At the end of the week, we made two offers on two beautiful homes and traveled back to Arkansas to finish business before the big move in June.

We cannot say enough about Janine Wilson's professionalism, caring, and passion for not only working, but for living. We are now settled and content in historic Jonesborough, Tennessee. Way to go Janine! Couldn't have accomplished it without you........

Dr. "Single" when I arrived....... married now and we love our home!

When I was recruited to Johnson City to practice medicine, I moved from an area where EBA's were well known and highly recommended. Thanks to A Buyer's Best Choice Realty, I found my "dream home" and I got it for a great price; Janine is really an outstanding negotiator! The townspeople are so very friendly to outsiders, even those singles moving to town, knowing no one. And I met and married my wife in this friendly town. What more could anyone ask?

Dana and Carmen Lyon from Dallas, TX

We found out about A Buyer's Best Choice Realty through an Internet search. We were not familiar with Exclusive Buyer Agency until we stumbled across Janine and her agency on-line. Janine was wonderful and we'd use them again in a heartbeat! A Buyer's Best Choice Realty is truly a homebuyer's best friend! And we LOVE our home!

Isabel Fleisher and Nadine Thomson from New London, New Hampshire

Janine, you are the epitome' of 'A Buyer's Agent'. Because of your efforts and your attention to detail, coupled with your attention to the needs of your client, we were able to find and purchase our "to die for" home. The hospitality we received at your Ashley Ryan Guest Suite added another dimension to our Tennessee visit. We find the Johnson City region to be warm and welcoming, truly an ideal place to live. Soon we will be permanent residents of Elizabethton and we could not have realized this goal without you. It has been a pleasure working with such an extraordinary real estate professional. Thank you!



Coming to Upper East Tennessee after having lived in different type housing accommodations in several different states, and on four continents, I was very pleased with the service provided by A Buyer's Best Choice Realty. As the search for an appropriate house stretched into months, it was fantastic how your Affiliate Broker continued, with great patience and determination, until the goal was achieved. I was very impressed by your personal interest and direct participation in the process. Many thanks for the valuable assistance and support provided by A Buyer's Best Choice Realty. My expectations were far exceeded by the services provided by your Exclusive Buyer Agency.

National Association of Realtors
Accredited Buyer Representative
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents
Graduate Realtor Institute
Equal Housing Opportunities