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Elizabethton, TN

The county seat of Carter County, and located just east of Johnson City, Elizabethton has a population of almost 15,000 people.
From historical note in the Transylvania Purchase, muster site during the American Revolutionary war for two battles, (The Battle of Kings Mountain, which Sycamore Shoals, in Elizabethton was a muster point, and The Battle of Musgrave Mill), and its part in the "State of Franklin," North Carolina succession attempt, Elizabethton has a rich history. Surely, we can't leave out its beautiful Elizabethton Covered Bridge, which is a focal point of the historically registered downtown.
Located near two TVA reservoirs in Carter County, (the Watauga Dam and Wilber Dam), Elizabethton is not only privy to the power benefits, but the fishing and wildlife in these streams and reservoirs are an area treasure.
The Watauga River portion just west of Elizabethton is widely known to trout fishermen for its two sections of trophy trout areas. These areas are the only 2 in Tennessee that can make this claim.
With new medical facilities being developed, and more business moving in continually, Elizabethton is a wonderful place to live.